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Top 5 Benefits to Using Ceiling Speakers with Sonos

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Traditionally we are used to speakers mounted to the wall or positioned on a floor stand, where the sound is coming from the sides. Now with the growing popularity of wireless speakers, more people are looking to install Sonos ceiling speakers to use as part of a home theatre system.

The problem with floor stands and built-in speakers is that they take up valuable space. For ultimate surround sound experience, you need a minimum of five speakers. So having all of these positioned around a small room can be unpractical and positioning many floor stands in different corners of the room is not going to deliver the best sound quality.

A popular solution is to use a combination of floor stands and in-ceiling speakers as the front and rear left and right speakers.

As ceilings are free of obstacles they can be a great place to install speakers. The best position for your ceiling speakers will depend on the ceiling architecture. We would recommend looking at your primary seating position first, making sure the front and rear speakers are positioned at equal distances from where you sit.

Our top 5 ceiling speaker benefits

Here are the top reasons to consider installing ceiling speakers with your Sonos:

  1. Not as expensive as you might think Most cheap ceiling speakers offer both great sound quality and value for money. Installing a set of brand new ceiling speakers in your living room will certainly not break the bank.
  2. Impressive sound quality Despite the small size ceiling speakers are capable of delivering richly detailed sound from up above.
  3. Great space saver When there is no space for floor stands to position your wireless speakers, or you just want to be free of clutter… Then ceiling speakers are the perfect space-saving solution.
  4. Visually pleasing The aesthetics are visually pleasing to look at with no visible cables just flush ceiling speaker grilles. Best of all your speakers are completely safe up in the ceiling so they will not get damaged by kids.
  5. Easy to install We find ceiling speakers are much easier to install than in-wall speakers. Wiring cables and cutting holes in the ceiling is a simple DIY task. In-wall speakers can be a little more tricky, as you will need to run the cables down the inside wall cavity.

Ceiling speakers can also be used just for listening to music and do not have to be part of a home cinema surround.

Things to consider before buying a ceiling speaker

When buying a ceiling speaker you should first consider what room it will be used in and what type of ceiling speaker is required. If you only need a speaker to stream music in a small bedroom or kitchen, you might not need to install more than two low power ceiling speakers.

For home theatre then you would need something more powerful. You may also need moisture-proof speakers for playing music in the bathroom. More expensive ceiling speakers have adjustable tweeters so you can get the best direction for bass and treble.

Read our complete guide to Sonos in-ceiling speakers for more information.