Sonos PLAY:1 best price for superior sound quality


The cheapest Sonos PLAY:1 wireless speaker packs an amazing HiFi sound into a compact design. Enjoy spiralling highs, thundering lows, and deep, crystal-clear sound at any volume.

Whether this is your first Sonos or an expansion to your current Sonos system you will not regret finding the PLAY 1 a place in your home. For the price, this five-star product is one of the best sounding, reliable and robust wireless speaker systems available.

Sonos PLAY:1 sale

The PLAY:1 deal includes:

  • Rich deep sound despite its small size
  • TRUEPLAY technology for balance and tuning
  • Over 30 streaming services available
  • Stream 1000s of Internet radio stations
  • Stream your digital music library
  • FREE six months Google Play music
  • Manufacturer cover and FREE breakdown cover
  • FREE next day shipping

This PLAY1 wireless speaker comes with a standard quarter-inch, 20 threaded inserts to readily connect with most PLAY 1 wall-mounting brackets (sold separately). Place this speaker anywhere in your house thanks to its compact size, mounting hole, and a custom power cord. The continuous curve grille also supports wider sound projection, delivering more flexibility of placement. We highly recommend the Sonos PLAY1 as a standalone speaker in a small room or as part of a multiroom setup as rear-facing speakers for surround sound.

Immersive stereo sound

Watch the Sonos PLAY:1 video below to learn more:

PLAY:1 special features

What you can expect from the PLAY:1

  • Affordable entry point wireless speaker
  • Sonos PLAY:1 boasts a bespoke design
  • Two Class-D digital amplifiers
  • One tweeter
  • One mid-woofer for deep powerful sound
  • Dual drivers
  • Control wirelessly with the Sonos app
  • Connect via Ethernet to your home network (optional)

Sonos PLAY 1 is a building block of the Sonos multi-room system, letting you start with one and easily expand to any room. Play the same song everywhere, or choose different tracks for different rooms. When you pair two PLAY:1 speakers together in sterio mode the sound quality is equivalent to most high-quality speaker setups and amplifiers on the market. Unlike the PLAY:5 there is no 3.5mm input and Sonos uses WiFi or Ethernet for connectivity with no support for Bluetooth. The PLAY:1 is built to withstand humidity, so there will be no issues placing them in the bathroom to relax and unwind.

The Sonos PLAY:1 is ideal for use as a music zone in small rooms and makes an excellent addition to the Sonos PLAYBAR and Sonos SUB if you are looking for the ultimate surround sound home-cinema experience. Whatever you choose to do with your PLAY 1, the user-friendly Sonos app will have you up and running in no time at all. The Sonos app works with iOS, Android, PC, & Mac and is well maintained and regularly updated with new features suggested by the Sonos community.

Play1 requires an Amazon Echo Dot for voice-activated recognition.

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Suitable for the PLAY:1 or new Sonos One height adjustable floor stands for perfect audio alignment and keeping cable management tidy.

Quick and easy to set up with an adjustable height between 839mm to 1314mm for ideal sound positioning. High-quality floor stands made in the UK can be purchased separately or as part of a twin pack, ideal for left/right surround sound. The PLAY:1 floor stand by Flexson is heavy, durable and built to last.