Sonos PLAY:5 best price for power and ultimate sound


Sonos PLAY:5 is the original, bigger room, bigger sound, all-in-one Sonos player. It is a powerhouse of sound with five integrated speakers and five digital amps that delivers the ultimate music listening experience. 

The Sonos PLAY 5 is without a doubt one of the best wireless sound systems available and offers superior sound quality. Sonos owners can easily expand their system by adding new components through the stable SonosNet wireless mesh system. This means you do not have to worry about signal strength, as each individual speaker will broadcast its own wireless signal that will boost the network range throughout your home.

Sonos PLAY:5 sale

What you get with the Sonos PLAY 5 deal:

  • A powerful speaker that delivers immersive sound
  • Over 30 streaming services available
  • Manufacturer cover and FREE breakdown cover
  • Optimal tuning with TRUEPLAY technology
  • Stream 1000s of Internet radio stations
  • Next generation PLAY:5 with 6 amplifiers and 6 custom drivers
  • Line-in plug to connect any device
  • FREE six months Google Play music
  • FREE shipping

The compact casing houses a 5-drive speaker system with five dedicated amps, twin tweeters and mid-range units which combined with a single Sonos SUB woofer will produce ultimate power and bass. With the Sonos PLAY5, you can expect full-range expansive sound quality with punchy dynamic sound. The Play 5 will effortlessly fill large rooms!

Crystal clear sound with zero distortion

Watch the SONOS PLAY5 video below for a quick demo:

PLAY:5 special features

What you can expect with the PLAY 5 wireless speaker:

  • Six Class-D digital amplifiers
  • Three tweeters
  • Three mid-woofers
  • Phased speaker array
  • Auto-detecting 3.5mm audio line-in
  • Touch interface with volume up/down, previous/next track and play/pause
  • Stereo pair setting for pairing two PLAY:5 speakers on left/right channel
  • Uses your home WiFi network
  • Control via the Sonos controller app on phone/tablet and PC

Controlling your Sonos PLAY 5 is simple with the iPhone or Android app which you can download for free, once installed you have full control over streaming music stored on your device, local network storage or streaming music through online services such as Napster, Spotify and web radio. With such a large selection of music available, you will literally have access to all the music on planet earth!

The Sonos Play 5 is built to a high quality and designed to last. Its super powerful sound is perfect for a main music system in the home or office, with the option to add new Sonos accessories in the future if you want to spread your Sonos through the house or into the conservatory.

PLAY5 requires an Amazon Echo Dot for voice-activated recognition.

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Premium floor stands for Sonos PLAY:5 made from solid wood, steel and glass.

Sonos PLAY:5 floor-stand Sonos Sale

    Hold speaker at manufacturers recommended listening height for optimal audio performance. Quick and easy to set up ideal for stereo pairing or surround sound. Suitable for all types of flooring. The floor stand base can be fitted with either rubber feet or carpet spikes (included with sale) and the metal plate which holds the speaker has indents in exactly the right places for the speaker to sit firmly into.