Sonos wireless SUB best price for deep bass with no buzz


Experience ultra-deep, soul-shaking boom with no cabinet buzz. Cheapest SONOS SUB price for home cinema and ultra-rich deep sound. Display it or hide it. Sounds great even on its side.

Sonos owners can take their audio system to the next level with this all sound and zero vibration Sonos Sub. Extreme bass designed to perform perfectly in any position, two massive force-cancelling face-to-face speakers means all the sound and energy comes through loud and clear.

Sonos SUB deal:

  • Ultra-rich deep bass sound
  • FREE six months Google Play music
  • Manufacturer cover
  • FREE breakdown cover
  • Over 30 streaming services available
  • Available in Black/White Gloss

The Sonos Sub is quick to install with one-button setup, no wiring or programming required so you can enjoy premium, fuss-free sound straight out of the box.

Sonos SUB special features:

  • Stylish new design
  • Two Class-D digital amplifiers
  • Two force-cancelling speaker drivers
  • Dual acoustic ports
  • 25Hx frequency response
  • Automatic equalisation

The Sonos Sub will add a completely new layer of richness to your sound with deep, rumbling bass that you’ll feel, as well as hear. Engineered for easy setup and vibration-free sound, Two Class-D digital amplifiers have been professionally tuned to complement the speakers and acoustic architecture. Dual acoustic ports create better output flow purer sound.