Sonos floor stands


Discover the best deals on Sonos speaker stands and floor stands for PLAY 1 and PLAY 5 models. Now you can position your Sonos wireless speakers for optimum listening in any room. Cheapest prices available on all speaker stands and floor stands in Sonos accessories for a limited time only.

Floor stand for Sonos One (same size as PLAY1)

Adjustable Sonos floor stands.

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Flexson PLAY:1 floor-stand pair

Positions your PLAY 1 speakers at the ideal listening height.

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PLAY:1 floor stands by Flexson

Wireless floor stand for Sonos PLAY:5

PLAY:5 floor stand Sonos Sale

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    Wireless speaker stand fits Play One, PLAY:1 and PLAY:3

    Sonos speaker stand Sonos Sale

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