Sonos PLAYBAR best price for home theater systems


Sonos soundbar is ideal for movie, gaming and music lovers. Works with your existing TV remote and delivers richly textured HiFi sound to whatever you watch. Upgrade your Sonos Soundbar with optional wall mount, TV stand, and Sonos SUB for ultimate 5.1 home cinema sound.

Sonos PLAYBAR speaker deal will completely transform your standard TV audio, within seconds you can expect to see a huge improvement on even the best sounding flat screen TV’s. No standard TV speaker or alternative soundbar can compare to the PLAYBAR, boasting a 9-speaker design to flood your home with epic room-filling cinema sound.

Can be used with your TV for movies when it is switched on and used to stream music when the TV is switched off. It is easy to link your Sonos PLAYBAR with other Sonos devices such as the PLAY5 and Sonos One speakers

Sonos PLAYBAR deal

What you get with the Sonos soundbar sale:

  • Powerful two-in-one wireless speaker with optical output
  • TRUEPLAY technology for sound tuning and balance
  • Manufacturer cover and FREE breakdown cover
  • FREE six months Google Play music
  • Over 30 streaming services available
  • 1000’s of FREE internet radio stations
  • Wall mountable design fittings (bracket optional)
  • FREE next day shipping

The Sonos Playbar 9-speaker design boasts 9 amplifiers, three tweeters and six mid-range range units making the Playbar capable of delivering truly expansive sound.

To create the ultimate home cinema surround sound you can add the Sonos SUB and optional PLAY:1 speakers as rears giving full Sonos incomparable sound quality. Built-in dual-band wireless N Wi-Fi cuts down on passive interference and delivers a high bandwidth connection that can handle even lossless audio effortlessly.

Love your movies and music

Watch the Sonos PLAYBAR video for a quick demo:


Connects to your TV via optical cable and is very easy to set up, control the Playbar using an existing TV remote or for streaming music download and install the Android or iPhone app for smartphones, tablets or computers. Use the Playbar to stream an unlimited list of music through online services such as Napster, Spotify, web radio, TV or your own downloads stored locally on the network such as your NAS server. Expand your Sonos system throughout the entire house, and play your music wirelessly in other rooms. Just add another Sonos player wherever you need music, for the ultimate home music system.

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Secure, rattle-free horizontal placement of the Sonos PLAYBAR this easy to install wall-mount bracket simply clips on once secured to the wall.

Sonos PLAYBAR wall-mount bracket is designed to attach the Sonos soundbar with hooks that slide into place easily. The ideal position is below the TV with silver logo at the bottom. Cheaper Sonos alternative wall mounting brackets cost considerably less money but we found they were less likely to withstand the PLAYBAR weight, and fitting slots did not always align perfectly.